Thursday, July 5, 2007


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This work is a video poam investigating interactions in multiple visual (including writing systems), sonic, and textured systems on multiple scales simultaneously. A bent simultaneity to be sure, with the speeds of the various behaviors out of sync. Only in this 2D model do the video poam's (product of an act of making) elements make what is apparently direct contact with other. This may be (another instance) of false intimacy because if the volume were reinstated, the rules of what is/isn't apparent would change owing to some of these elements existing within extended dimensionality. The clustering into 2D establishes a closeness that may not be felt, but even in this flattened out location, man and ostrich do not directly commune. Notice how he approaches, closer and closer without really arriving, this snowman of Elea-ville (is a certain Top Chef former contestant possibly a descendant, closer and closer to the title without ever actually arriving?) —he does not get his ostrich. Whatever the ostrich has that he wanted, he does not obtain —except that being relatively immortalized here does grant man and ostrich a perceptual marriage.

This Limited Fork investigation pursued and pursues simultaneity, but did not, does not catch up with it.

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